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Effective Kitchen Fire Suppression with the Ansul

If you are somewhat familiar with gastronomy and the hotel or restaurant business  in general it is likely that you might have already seen a kitchen fire suppression system.

ansul-fire-suppressionA large number of commercial kitchens in restaurants, airports, hospitals or hotels are having this fire suppression system installed today.

You can spot the Ansul by a serious of nozzles that are coming down from the ceiling, directed towards appliances such as cooking ovens and grills.

What makes the Ansul fire suppression system so effective and suitable for commercial kitchens?

To understand why the Ansul is currently the most popular fire suppression system for commercial kitchens, one must look at the unique challenges and hazards that exist in such environments.

Unlike as may be the case with some other locations, one requirement for fire suppression in kitchens is that the extinguishing agent cannot be hazardous. In addition to the special  fire extinguishing agent used by the Ansul, the system, once engaged, must also not result in lengthy hold-ups due to a required cleanup. It is for that reason that the extinguishing agent is not only non-toxic but also self dissolving. This helps to keep down time for any type of venue or business at a minimum. (Think about hospital kitchens or restaurants where any downtime would lead to considerable problems)

Commercial kitchens pose unique challenges when it comes to the effective fighting of fires:

A fire must not only be extinguished rapidly. Hot appliances such as grills and ovens, many of them containing  liquids such as hot frying oils must also be cooled down effectively to prevent re-flashing. The special extinguishing agent used with the Ansul kitchen suppression system can do both very effectively.

With the Ansul fire suppression system, commercial kitchens everywhere today can effectively suppress fires before major damage can occur. It is the best fire suppression system for commercial kitchens that is available today.