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Secret Singers now also on British Cruise Liners


The Secret Singers, the popular surprise singers from London UK, are now also found on several cruise ships in the United Kingdom. This is good news for travelers since they can now enjoy world-class musical entertainment during their holidays.

On various cruises, The Secret Singers will be there providing entertainment, including their famous singing waiters routine and other shows where they incorporate the audience for nights filled with dance, top hits and classics.

For all fans of The Singing Waiters London, these cruises are an opportunity to meet the Singing Waiters even in those off-times of the year that don’t see as many weddings as in the summer months.

Effective Kitchen Fire Suppression with the Ansul

If you are somewhat familiar with gastronomy and the hotel or restaurant business  in general it is likely that you might have already seen a kitchen fire suppression system.

ansul-fire-suppressionA large number of commercial kitchens in restaurants, airports, hospitals or hotels are having this fire suppression system installed today.

You can spot the Ansul by a serious of nozzles that are coming down from the ceiling, directed towards appliances such as cooking ovens and grills.

What makes the Ansul fire suppression system so effective and suitable for commercial kitchens?

To understand why the Ansul is currently the most popular fire suppression system for commercial kitchens, one must look at the unique challenges and hazards that exist in such environments.

Unlike as may be the case with some other locations, one requirement for fire suppression in kitchens is that the extinguishing agent cannot be hazardous. In addition to the special  fire extinguishing agent used by the Ansul, the system, once engaged, must also not result in lengthy hold-ups due to a required cleanup. It is for that reason that the extinguishing agent is not only non-toxic but also self dissolving. This helps to keep down time for any type of venue or business at a minimum. (Think about hospital kitchens or restaurants where any downtime would lead to considerable problems)

Commercial kitchens pose unique challenges when it comes to the effective fighting of fires:

A fire must not only be extinguished rapidly. Hot appliances such as grills and ovens, many of them containing  liquids such as hot frying oils must also be cooled down effectively to prevent re-flashing. The special extinguishing agent used with the Ansul kitchen suppression system can do both very effectively.

With the Ansul fire suppression system, commercial kitchens everywhere today can effectively suppress fires before major damage can occur. It is the best fire suppression system for commercial kitchens that is available today.

On Electronic Invoicing

electronic-invoicingFor businesses in the travel industry but likewise for any other type of business, the switch to electronic invoicing can provide a variety of benefits.  Let’s discuss those benefits here in this article.

What is electronic invoicing?

As a business owner you will likely be familiar with your invoicing process.

Switching to e-invoicing doesn’t mean you will not have to change a lot there, in fact it will only affect how you will dispatch your invoices.

Rather than sending your invoices via regular mail you will dispatch them electronically by emailing the invoices to a special service. Practically this means that you can continue creating your invoices as usual with the exception that you won’t have to print and mail them but rather send them electronically.

The major benefit of electronic invoicing is of course that sending your invoices by email takes a lot less time as compared to mailing them. But e-invoices also mean faster processing times on the receiving end because the electronic invoice can be processed automatically by your resident as well.

The electronic invoicing therefore saves considerable work, time and paper. One could say that e-invoice is at least as effective as email. And the good thing is that electronic invoicing is really not that different as using email which I’m sure everyone of us are familiar with. One other major advantage is that you will not require any special equipment if you want to switch. You can learn more about electronic invoicing here.