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Women More Likely to Go to University


According to recently released numbers, women in the UK are more likely to attend university as compared to men. This is the widest reported gender gap in the UK.

This past autumn a record number of 532,300 students began courses in British universities according to the UCAS admissions service.

On the other hand, UK wide variations of  university attendance depending on regional factors.

For instance, young people in the capital or 40% more likely to go to university as compared to those in other parts of England.

The chief of the UCA, Mary Curnuck Cook said that poor white males in the United Kingdom should now be a focus of outreach efforts.

Their newly released numbers from UCA show a complete picture of university applications for those starting courses in autumn of this year. Compared to the previous year this is a 3% increase.

Spanish Air Traffic Controllers Threaten With Strike

This Monday will see the start of a series of strikes by Spanish air traffic controllers.

For many Britons and other holidaymakers, the strikes will likely lead to chaos and considerable delays.

Tourist organisations are booking emergency hotel rooms expecting that many travellers may be left stranded.

This is the first strike by Spanish air travel controllers in 26 years. The strikes will each last two hours with the first one starting this Monday morning from 10 AM until noon. More strikes are planned for the coming days.

The strike will likely affect many British tourists that are enjoying an early summer holiday. The popular holiday island of Majorca alone sees hundred thousand passengers a day.