Tip: Saving Money on Your Travels

camper vanA lot of occupations today may require extended travels along with costly stays in hotels. It’s not all the time that an employer does cover those costs. In some cases, travel costs are not covered at all.

This can be a large financial burden for people for freelancers who need to travel as part of the job and pay for those expenses out of their own pocket.

My tip here is that you should consider alternative ways to travel if you want to save the one or the other buck. You don’t always have to lodge in expensive Bed and Breakfasts but are able to save a good amount of money when you consider travelling with a camper van instead. This can be a good option especially for short-term trips that would only require you to stay at a location for a day or two. Depending on the make or model of your camper van, camping may well be suitable for extended travels as well.

Some people today still have a preconceived notion that camping means the bare necessities only and overall would really more be a hassle rather than a joyful experience. Those people however couldn’t be more wrong.

While modern camper vans can offer a variety of luxuries that range from a comfortable bed to a fully equipped kitchen, air conditioning and much more, cost savings with camping can be substantial.

The obvious natural savings would be that you won’t have to book into hotels any longer, the other that you won’t have dine out when you feel the need for coffee, snack or dinner. Not only can this save you a lot on your expenses, it moreover gives you much more flexibility with your travels.

Consider whether a modern camper van would not be the better option for your business-related travel! At places such as VW Camper hire you can get a good impression of what a modern camper van can offer you today!

No Air Passenger Duty for Children from May On

British airways – plane
May 1 has come and this is good news for flyers from the United Kingdom. From this month on, the UK flight tax for children under the age of 12 will no longer apply.

This tax on plane tickets for children had been up to £97 on occasion in the past. From May 1 on, all families in the United Kingdom who already booked can claim back this money with several airlines.

For now, the abolition of the children tax only applies to economy seating. However, it is planned that the tax will be extended to all seats to children under the age of 16 within the coming year.

In his autumn statement, Chancellor George Osborne announced the scrapping of the air passenger duty on children’s tickets.

For flyers in the United Kingdom it will mean that flights will not only become cheaper but that those who already booked flights can reclaim the charge.

However, it is important to note that most airlines will not automatically refund the tax unless you claim a refund and provide proof for your children’s age.

On Electronic Invoicing

electronic-invoicingFor businesses in the travel industry but likewise for any other type of business, the switch to electronic invoicing can provide a variety of benefits.  Let’s discuss those benefits here in this article.

What is electronic invoicing?

As a business owner you will likely be familiar with your invoicing process.

Switching to e-invoicing doesn’t mean you will not have to change a lot there, in fact it will only affect how you will dispatch your invoices.

Rather than sending your invoices via regular mail you will dispatch them electronically by emailing the invoices to a special service. Practically this means that you can continue creating your invoices as usual with the exception that you won’t have to print and mail them but rather send them electronically.

The major benefit of electronic invoicing is of course that sending your invoices by email takes a lot less time as compared to mailing them. But e-invoices also mean faster processing times on the receiving end because the electronic invoice can be processed automatically by your resident as well.

The electronic invoicing therefore saves considerable work, time and paper. One could say that e-invoice is at least as effective as email. And the good thing is that electronic invoicing is really not that different as using email which I’m sure everyone of us are familiar with. One other major advantage is that you will not require any special equipment if you want to switch. You can learn more about electronic invoicing here.